A sister is One, and one may be lost.

A sister of Many, will always have sisters.

Made by Sean, Michael, and IAN for Game Off 2021.


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Wow, I'm blown away. I loved the writing, it created such a gripping atmosphere and captured a lot of emotion at the same time


This was incredible. i may play more of it another time, but just finishing it once was enough of a profound experience to understand the great merit of this game. i don't know a lot about ants but i really loved the worldbuilding of this insect world, their semi-religious society and how some things seem to be inspired by the true nature of ants, but their emotions and thoughts about those things are represented in a human form. The people who made this have great talent and this is a damn masterpiece! 

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Art is a word that can describe multiple (or a single) medium(s) put together to form a piece and/or display of feeling. A Masterpice is this interactive novel, which is made up of art + the creative collective minds of Sean, Michael, and IAN + Myrmecology (for those who dont know what that is, it is a branch of entomology studying the science of ants). this is all then placed in the setting of a sentient life style of an ant colony, and finding your own path and, in a semi-direct way, dealing with the loss of family (or friends). A beautifully created game/interactive fiction for people to enjoy and take morals from, though some may be physically absent, remebering them is how you keep them alive, and to move on, because you are still alive, and its not your fault. I recommend this interactive novel!




Pretty neat. I wonder though, how many endings are there?


To watch a little sister is science, to become a little sister is art. What a journey.


Let's Play - WE FOLLOW THE FICKLE PATH (1) - A story about ants and sisterhood - YouTube

Let's Play - WE FOLLOW THE FICKLE PATH (2) - The Roly Polies - YouTube

Let's Play - WE FOLLOW THE FICKLE PATH (3) - The Lost Sister - YouTube

Let's Play - WE FOLLOW THE FICKLE PATH (4) - The Frog & Sister Superior Ending - YouTube

Really great work! We enjoyed it so much that we created a 4-videos-playthrough with unique voice acting. Best wishes!

Thanks for playing, this was a delight to watch!


Hey, I attempted a walk-through of your game. Kudos to you for making such an aesthetically pleasing game.


Hey, thanks for sharing!

I did notice you seemed to get stuck towards the end, so wanted to point out you can always progress those scenes by interacting with the campfire.


The atmosphere of the game is wonderful, but a lot of text stuff.


wow, the esthethic and atmosphere of this game its amazing!!!! Well done :)


amazing style !! 🐜💯