A sequel six years in the making.

Use WASD or arrows to advance dialogue and make choices.

Entries in the series: Taxi Quest 64 | Taxi Quest 65 | Taxi Quest 66

Made by Michael, IAN, and Sean for #FFSjam.

Content warnings Discussion of death, loss, hunting, disaster.
Audio credits


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did we kill the passenger?


im playing on browser, the game doesnt load past 71%

but the only way is on browser bruh


I made a video on this game! 


i thought i was gonna kill my passenger


I found this in the funny category.  As soon as the man asked to turn off the radio, I turned it back on after letting him.

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the atmosphere is...strangely  calm :) kinda

(but I thought that had killed the man :0)

Interesting game. 

Yeah that's about all I have to say about it.


Interesting conception,not so many dialogue,but it was good for short game 5\5

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Simpe yet unique, Love it! (8/10)


This was a unique experience to be honest o.o
Has a weird sort of unnatural, unnerving vibe to it.
It's like, really good at making that conversation seem as awkward as possible. It's geniuenly amazing. :D