Somewhere outside a small village, nestled deep in the wood...
An immortal dragon makes its den.
The village calls on heroes: Noble, strong, and good...
But they fall again and again.

A cute but deadly deckbuilding roguelike with unique spark. Carefully strategize as you make your way through the dragon's dungeon, and save the village from calamity!

  • Build and burn your deck: Every card is precious, but some things are more precious than cards...
  • Battle your enemies: Overcome dozens of turn-based encounters and unique bosses.
  • Bring your party to victory: Learn to use each character's strengths to make it to the next camp; if your party falls, they'll have to start again!
Adventures are just around the corner, so make sure your heroes are well rested...

Controls: Mouse / Arrows + Enter / Gamepad - Fullscreen recommended

Made by Sean, Michael, and IAN for #AGBIC 2021.

Inspired by the Famicase Short Rest by Daniel Gil.

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Ooooh, awesome - any chance of a downloadable version at some point?

(More about preservation to be able to still play cool stuff in 10 years time ha)

I'd recommend using the itch app to download/play web games.

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Ah yeah, hmm that doesn't actually 'download' them though, so if the browser version ever stopped working, the game would be well and truly gone haha. Just a personal thing wanting to keep games on my hard drive, as I've seen loooots of games disappear online over the years.

No worries though aha! (Also, have you seen that Super Rare Mixtape thing..?)

It does download them: you can see where under "manage". Any downloadable version we might offer would just be a packaged electron copy, which is the same as what the itch app uses.

If you want to discuss collaboration with SweetHeart Squad, there are plenty of ways of reaching out that are not advertising your own projects in the comments of ours.


This game is really interesting. I haven't played similar deck building rouge like games before but I did hear of slay the spire from some of my friends. So this game was my first look into the genre ad I must say it is super interesting! I like how different characters have different advantages against enemies for example the cleric/priest deal an insane amount of damage to skeletons and it makes sense. The cards too had an element of chance where you can choose to replace them before starting the dungeon and it can affect the gameplay. Was super enjoyable and had a blast! Thank you for making an amazing first impression on this genre for me :D


Took me a couple of plays to figure out a strong strategy. Also had some great luck. Keeping the ol' switcheroo for the final battle really paid off!

Run time: 1:18:35
Attempts: 5
Wins: 1


Please, make a downloadable version for PC.


If you want to play a downloadable version, I'd recommend using the itch app: it lets you easily download and run web games.


I love this game! I haven't beaten it yet but I've gotten so close! I think I've run into a bug. Every time I use the "Death from the Shadows" card, the game stops working. As soon as I use it, I can't bring up any of my other cards.

Thanks for the bug report! This issue should be fixed now.

Cool game! I like the art and it's super polished. It doesn't feel super strategic though- I didn't have much control over what cards I got, so whether I won or lost just depended on whether my health + attack cards happened to be greater or less than the enemies' health.


A lot of the strategy lies in when to save/sacrifice your cards and how you arrange your party: If you're having trouble making it through, try mixing it up or using the mulligan to aim for a specific hand!