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I can't stop playing this. I come back to it every night. Chills rush down my spine every time I reach an ending. This is more than a video game - this is a work of art. The transition animations, artwork, the way the pixels move. The story. The text. The dynamics. Art.

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i'm pretty sure there is no good ending in this game, is there?  wonderful and engaging story though!

what's the best ending you've gotten so far? i'd be curious to compare


i never wake up the next day.  i think one dream was somewhat pleasant, but i forget the details of it now.

that was mine too!! itch says i have five hours of in-game time, and of all the endings, the best one was the -you survive and have many more days at court, struggles and hardships but good times too- death-dream. and then the second best was -you remember the childhood days before you took the throne. why cant it stay like this forever- death dream.

i can't help but feel like there just has to be some combination of variables, and if i get them just right i'll encounter the happy ending.

i still havent figured out how to get something good out of the mysterious noble in the hallway.


same!  i'm pretty sure there's no way to get a real conversation of of the random guy... i'm pretty sure i've tried all the options.  i think i got the dream about continuing on as queen also, but i am not even sure how i did it anymore.  it almost seems random because i tried to redo the same options and could not get it again!  i'm convinced there's no way to survive.


I have been coming back to this game consistently/daily because I'm so determined to see it through to a "good" ending. I've become so dedicated to actually succeeding. This game has had me awestruck more than once, the pacing is wonderful and I'm so happy that you get a different experience nearly every time!




Really interesting style/presentation.  I'm curious if my choices actually had much or any impact on what happened in the end.  Regardless, very interesting game! I liked it a lot.


Hi. I'm having trouble on the first screen. There seems to be a loading bar that won't progress. I'm on a mac, using Safari.


hey, sorry about that! afaik it's a compatibility issue in phaser, but seems like chrome/firefox on mac work fine


Yup! I was playing it in Chrome just now. So far I've gotten to 3 different endings, but I'm looking forward to finding more later. Great job with the writing! -- And I love how the music responds to certain things. I won't say more on that, to keep from spoiling anything.