The Good Queen has passed, as all must. The burden to rule falls now to The Naïve Heir, and their table of knights.

To You, and your advisors.

Controls: Mouse, or 1/2/3/4.

Made by Sean & Michael for #AGBIC 2019 with Phaser.

Inspired by the Famicase Round Table by Matt Kump.


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I have been coming back to this game consistently/daily because I'm so determined to see it through to a "good" ending. I've become so dedicated to actually succeeding. This game has had me awestruck more than once, the pacing is wonderful and I'm so happy that you get a different experience nearly every time!




Really interesting style/presentation.  I'm curious if my choices actually had much or any impact on what happened in the end.  Regardless, very interesting game! I liked it a lot.


Hi. I'm having trouble on the first screen. There seems to be a loading bar that won't progress. I'm on a mac, using Safari.


hey, sorry about that! afaik it's a compatibility issue in phaser, but seems like chrome/firefox on mac work fine


Yup! I was playing it in Chrome just now. So far I've gotten to 3 different endings, but I'm looking forward to finding more later. Great job with the writing! -- And I love how the music responds to certain things. I won't say more on that, to keep from spoiling anything.