You are a ronin, hired by the Rōshigumi to protect the Shogun on his visit to Kyoto. The only problem is, there's a traitor in your midst. Cut down enemies, find the traitor, and keep the Shogun safe. 1 - 2 Players.

move WASD, arrows left stick, D-PAD arrows
aim mouse right stick automatic
attack/select LMB, Z, C, CTRL A, Y, RB, RT . (period)
block RMB, X, V, SHIFT X, B, LB, LT / (slash)

Made by Sean, Michael, & Ian for AGBIC2017 with Pixi.js.

Inspired by this Famicase by Rogue Cache.


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Version 1
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Version 1


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Love the retro look, really awesome work!

It's wild that you started with "samurai" and came up with a bullet hell version of the old Warrior arcade game! I love old arcade style vector graphics like this, and the gameplay is simple enough, but it quickly gets crazy. Great job!

Very Stylish!  Awesome Music!  My only thing is that I kept trying to do tank controls for some reason... not sure why.  Probably can get used to it after playing a while.  Great job!

This is awesome guys! I love it!

love the gfx :D