The jam was going pretty well, until someone killed the organizer.

Can you solve a murder mystery when everyone's just trying to talk over each other? Choose who's worth listening to and try to catch the culprit!

Made by Ian & Sean for #OJAM2016 with Pixi.js.

Theme was: "Stay awhile and listen"


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i also cracked open a whole doc to compare everything and refreshed to get everyone's dialogue (bc i was confused how to play the first time). got it right first try, nice !!

I've been relooking for this game for so long - finally found it! :)


I had an entire notepad open to one side while I refreshed the game to get all the dialogue,

Worth it. Didn't diminish the gameplay at all. 10/10

I had no idea how to play in the first time and I only talked to Austin and then after that I realized how badly I messed up and then just guessed who did it. I can't believe I was right, though???


A cute, short game. It takes a few tries to learn how to play, but after that it's fine. Art is simplistic, but stylish. Music is atmospheric for the mood, but rather repetitive after a few loops. Story is hard to weed out (as with any good mystery), however uneventful and not-quite built up. Ends on a soft note, leaving no bad taste in the mouth. Worth a play in the browser if you're in the mood for something to pass the time.