An exciting visual novel for 3 of your 5 senses. Play as Fox and explore Hare's Hollow to discover the secret story of the animals.

Made for the WAG challenge by a patchwork quilt of ne'er-do-wells known as the SweetHeart Squad, using a custom engine (Hare's Hollow is now playable in-browser! You can still download the desktop version below.)


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Hare's Hollow (post-jam web version).zip 7 MB
Hare's Hollow (original jam version).zip 15 MB


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how do i donate to Sweetheartsquad?

Hey, thanks for the interest! Donations weren't enabled on this project for some reason, but we've turned them on now.

Hey, after clicking "pay with paypal" im just redirected to

Can you fix it, or let me know a way to simply pay directly via paypal account?

This game reminded me why i want to be vegan so i really do want to contribute. Let me know!

That's handled by, so unfortunately we can't help there; if you're having issues getting it to work, I'd recommend contacting itch's support directly.


i like how this game does include how animals eat other animals. I feel like thats just kind of skimmed over in other animal novels. And just accepted as the norm and somehow being curesy about it. I love animals but acknowledge that murder is very common in nature. Still the art and music and VA make this lighthearted still ! great work!

Pretty well put together and the...well, you could call it a mechanic that you implemented was pretty neat of a touch.