Uh oh, the Boing Boing Boys are at it again! Better stay out of the way, the boys brought their slingshots to the bounce room, and someone's bound to get bonked!



Movement: left analog stick or D-pad
Jump: A or Y button
Shoot: B or X button

Keyboard (Player 1, Player 2)

Movement: WASD, IJKL
Jump: E, O
Shoot: R, P

Fullscreen: F
Mute: M


Feather: increased mobility/reduced gravity
Rocket boot: unlimited jumps
Slingshot: unlimited shots

Made by Sean, Ryan & Ian for Ludum Dare 37 with Pixi.js.

Ludum Dare entry page.


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What can I say except that this game is an absolute masterpiece in execution and naming. The people who made this are genius and sometimes I start laughing randomly whenever I think about this game. Like when I remember that the walls and floors and ceilings look like butts I just crack up everytime :DDD

tf is the title