It all comes down to this. Friends, lovers, now rivals: Duel it out with your prized Advanced Bipedal Battle Armour to prevent a cataclysmic merger of worlds!

Move WASD / Arrows Left stick / D-pad
Dash Shift / X / V A / Y
Fire Space / Z / C B / X

Made by Sean, Michael, and IAN for MechJam II.


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So many ABBA references! XD

It was pretty difficult, I've won only once, but it's not discouraging


I really love the dialogue in this game. It was a bit hard to read, with everything happening on-screen with the fx, but it really helped set the mood.

Not sure if its just me but I have a really hard time dodging the enemy’s shots or leading with my fire, can’t really figure the moves out


Nice game. Deserve more content.