On your way to Charon for a well-deserved vacation, your ship crash-lands on Venus -- a planet owned entirely by an eccentric quadrillionaire. Explore his lavish estate and find parts to repair your ship.

Made by Ian, Sean & Michael for #CGAJAM with Pixi.js.

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Published 125 days ago
AuthorsSweetHeart Squad, Sean
Tags2D, cga, FMV, Interactive Fiction, Lo-fi, Short, text-based, Visual Novel, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
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What do I need to do to get past the first scene?  "Of course everything is going wrong..."  The text just stays there.  No buttons.  I've tried click everyone on the screen and pressing keys but AFACT only the `esc` key works to open the settings.

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You can select the Green words in the text to progress through the game. So in the first scene you can click on Venus.
Hope that helps!

Thanks!  Also-- very nice!  Is there a difference in the color of the words?  I am deeply color blind and I just may not be seeing it.


Loved the atmosphere evoked by art and music. Narrative was well written and intriguing, enjoyed it. Great game!