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great game, r there different endings???

This was a very interesting and fun experience... :)

Cute! (I'm also hungrier now)

I'm very hungry and also very amused. Loved it!


You can just not go to burger city. That works


This game made me hungry and I don't know how to get the other endings. I loved the bed made out of beef.



Steamed hams? This game obviously takes place in upstate New York...


Short and sweet!


That was the best thing I've ever experienced. Period.


Nice Game Haha! Really Funny.

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"I love to both be and eat a burger." Best line ^^


That was sooo good! Haha good one guys! 

PS. Glad I didn't eat the burger child.


wish you did


I"M LOVIN IT! So cute and neat!

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🎵 Take me down to BURGER CITY / where the folks are burgs and the crimes are petty 🎵


I'm a bit perplexed, or hungry. Not quite sure which.

Also: Great tunes!  🎵