Post-launch bugfixes

We've pushed a few post-launch updates, so thought it would be good to list the bugfixes!

  • Fixed issue where garden lots stayed wet overnight if you left a dead plant in them
  • Fixed how the crypt interior appears in dreams
  • Fixed certain dreams looping unintentionally
  • Fixed issue where NPCs could never recover from corrupted savestate
    • this one was difficult to test; please let us know if you still have issues with it!
  • Fixed minor sequence break where Lucian never appeared
  • Fixed touch input not working on dialogue options
    • note that the game is still not optimized for mobile, just technically functional
  • Fixed case where actions refreshed in gardener mode without waiting for the next day
  • Fixed issues where NPCs would not animate during dialogue


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Hi! I have a quick question!

If you choose gardener mode, once you finish the night you go back to sleep and then it sends you to the title menu.

However, if I continue from there it lets me continue with my blood replenished - so I'm assuming the game is thinking it's a new day? Is this the intended behaviour?

Hm, that's strange: Gardener mode should wait for the next day to refresh, and tell you before you sleep how long it will be. Unless you happened to play just before midnight it shouldn't go to the new day.

I just checked on a fresh save and it's working as intended though; you could try toggling the mode from Options and see if it's stuck on Gamer for some reason instead?

Ah I did a bit more debugging and found the problem! I'll have a fix up shortly, but to clarify: your blood replenished when it shouldn't have but the day didn't actually advance, so you should be fine to continue that save with no problem.


Awesome. Thanks for checking!

😲 who's Lucian? 


now you can play and find out 😉

(if you previously missed meeting Lucian due to the mentioned bug, he should immediately appear on the map if you continue your save)